Hi there! I'm Melek, the maker and designer behind Mel's Knits and Crochet. This is a one-woman show over here, supervised by two little boys who are often my models!

I learned crocheting when I was a schoolgirl. A friend of mine taught me how to crochet and my first project was a pink crop top. Since then it became my obsession.

Altough I loved crocheting deep inside I always wanted that other skill: Knitting. I've been knitting since mid-March 2019! Then I couldn't stop. It felt so amazing to be creating again - something I felt I was meant to do. One of the first things I knit was a romper for my little boy! Then I had another baby and I remember knitting between feedings, creating my collections between the naps. I am making beanies since 2020 and my first knitted beanie was the one I made for my newborn.

Knitting and crocheting is like a meditation for me. If I'm not knitting, you'll find me wrestling our two little boys, or my nose buried in a book.